Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day

This “Valentine’s Day” graphic INSTANTLY triggered memories of how much I used to love drawing as a child. In fact, this is the ‘style’ of drawing I often did … just for fun and for cards to friends. It’s a little like ‘fraktur art’ which is a Pennsylvania German based folk art style. Since I lived amongst, went to school with and was influenced by many children from this background, of course, their drawing style was part of my life.

I’m saddened that I “let go” of that part of me that enjoyed the time spent doodling, drawing and colouring … it was so relaxing and enjoyable. Perhaps, I’ll get back into it as a form of meditation…

Which reminds me – what else have we let go of from our childhood, teen and early adult years that we enjoyed doing, participating in, or reflecting upon?

This is something we discuss when I work with clients to discover their “brand” – what lies deep within that they were once and/or, perhaps, still are, passionate about? What is the ‘essence’ deep within that makes them who they are? We then weave that in with an assessment which discovers their core archetypes: primary, influencing and place of strength. From there, we pull together the puzzle pieces to create a “brand” like no other – because, there is only one you!

My primary archetype is alchemist, influenced by teacher with a place of strength in jester. When I discovered this and began to adapt my business to incorporate all three – life improved dramatically. And, really, all it was – was being true to my inner self, allowing others to see the parts of me I kept hidden a lot of the time. Things like the freedom to be comfortable in exploring my sense of humour further and sharing it with others. And, surprisingly, having people tell me they love my sense of humour when, earlier in life, it had been put down. No doubt, you know ALL ABOUT being put down for your ‘differences’ at some point in your life … especially when you stood out from others in a good way because of those differences.

Today, may I suggest that you take a few moments to ponder the uniqueness that is YOU; to share, just a little more openly, a little part of you that you normally keep hidden. Perhaps, you get chastised for always being too happy, too optimistic, smiling, etc. I’ve been there. You know what? Now that I’m of a certain age, I’m beginning to realize that it is much more important to simply be ‘me’.

Make an effort to sincerely smile at a few people today – firstly, it is your best accessory; secondly, it will make the receiver feel like someone cares and thirdly, it will make you feel good about yourself!

Try it – you’ll like the results!


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