The fastest path to the money you want is not what you expect …
which is probably why you haven’t found it yet


Most money coaches will tell you

  • your beliefs about money are what stop you from earning more
  • to trust financial advisor’s recommendations for investing
  • you must know your numbers in business
  • that you need a ‘big why’

While all of these are true … there’s more to creating, and keeping, money than that.

Most of my life has been a powerful education in the real rules to making, and keeping, money.

My guess is you’ve been there, read that, attended a lot of workshops, spent a lot of money and, if any of it actually worked, you’d be off on an island somewhere living the life of your dreams instead of dreaming about living that life. And, your bookshelves and computer hard drive wouldn’t be filled full with volume after volume and file after file of failed solutions.

My business is helping successful entrepreneurs who are stuck at a plateau find their unique solution to catapult their business to the next level.

You can be a master of your money and have it take you wherever you want to go … instead of money controlling you and obscuring your dreams.

Because conventional business practice is only a start — it won’t take you where you ultimately want to go. I know. I’ve experienced pretty much every money setback, challenge and lesson you can imagine … and triumphed over all of them.

25X income in 10 years

A long, long time ago I innocently joined the world of the fully-employed. Every year I set a goal to substantially increase my income. In the beginning, I excitedly shared my goals with others.

The nay-sayers always poo-poohed and belittled my aspirations with insights such as: “there’s no way you can double your income in one year … the boss will never give you that big a raise … who do you think you are to ask for that” … you know the ones I’m talking about.

Then something interesting happened …

I stopped sharing my goals with them and, over the next 10 years, grew my income to 25X of where I’d started.

And there were two powerful keys to this profound success …

First: I wouldn’t have gotten to 25X income in 10 years if I’d listened to all the nay-sayers who told me it was impossible.

Second: I’ve never made any money following what other people told me to do. Even when I was unaware of what was occurring at another level, I made money by hooking into the energy and the engine of how money is actually made … and then applying it to my specific situation.

2X income twice in 3 years

Fast-forward to about 5 years ago where one of my companies, a vacation rental property, doubled revenue in two years. Then, the next year, it doubled again – all while working 1 day a week.

Then, a few years ago, I learned some serious (and expensive) lessons about money (which shows you how you can always recover from even the biggest money catastrophes)

I learned lessons around how little I valued money, how easily I shared money, how much money was actually in my world, how I enabled others’ money issues, and how vulnerable I was to money predators.

Those lessons ended up costing me my credit rating, cancelling all my credit cards, being dependent on someone else for money, creating over 6-figures of debt and, ultimately, putting my marriage at risk.

While I’m still working my way through some of the ramifications … by re-applying the principles that brought money in in the first place, I was able to get back on my feet … in no time flat.

Sometimes a painful lesson now – even though, in the moment, it seems almost insurmountable – teaches us how to avoid a much more costly lesson further along our journey.

Crossing the ‘final frontier’

But the biggest breakthrough completely opened the ceiling for what’s possible with my income happened.

Because for years …

  • No matter what I did
  • No matter what I tried
  • I couldn’t get past that one number
  • And I didn’t understand why

No matter how hard I worked, how many hours I put in, how many companies I owned, how much reading I did, how many workshops I attended, or how many coaches I worked with – all my combined income just would not go past my high-water mark from years ago.

Until, finally, I shattered that ‘glass ceiling’ by over 30% — working on one company, one day a week. The pieces finally clicked into place. All that training, hard work and effort were not for naught … the lessons I’d learned along the way, and sometimes forgotten, began to fit together and I attained what I was (secretly) beginning to think was the impossible.

What a beautiful feeling accomplishment and success is!

So as you can see, I wasn’t pulling the wool over your eyes or leading you down the garden path telling you I’d been through everything … because I have.

And that’s why I know whatever money struggle you are going through now, no matter how long it been going on, not only can you get through it … you can reach every financial goal you dream of. And that’s exactly what I help people just like you do.

If you’re at the point of:

  • No matter what you do
  • No matter what you try
  • You can’t get past that plateau
  • And you don’t understand why

The reason you’re struggling is you are following conventional wisdom.

Instead of following what other people say you should do, when you hook into the actual energy and engine of money making, you can make as much money as you want – whenever you want; wherever you want.

Let’s get started now – working together so you can live the life you are destined for … instead of the life you thought you had to settle for.

Susan Crutcher


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