Are you aware of …?

A while back I posted a blog about awareness “What did you hear?” and “Listen … shhh…”

What words and phrases do you hear around you, in your circle of influence, on a regular basis? Circle of influence includes: friends, families, business associates, television shows and movies you watch … wherever you are influenced by sound.

Our complex world is not that simple – those examples all included visual stimulation as well … what are you “seeing” in your world? Do actions and/or visuals match what you hear?

Since we’re now on visual … what type of books, magazines, blogs, social media posts do you read?

Which leads to kinaesthetic … what are you texting, blogging, posting, writing and physically putting out into the ether?

Overall, is the affect negative or positive?

Are you aware that your thoughts and actions play a huge role in the world in which you live?

Something to ponder … hmmm

More to follow – soon!

Keep your eyes peeled (it’ll be everywhere …) for something special from me to you this Friday, November 11th. It could be in your inbox; on your FB page; right here on this blog … anywhere I am, it’ll appear.

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