Be careful what you wish for

Today’s post is a lesson in paying more attention to details, intention, setting goals and putting steps in place to achieve a goal.

ALWAYS remember – the universe can have a perverse sense of humour at times.

Back a couple years ago now, I was in Tucson, Arizona at my mentor, Kendall Summerhawk’s Money, Marketing and Soul Intensive (which was a precursor to where I am today btw) and I booked an appointment with one of her featured speakers, Terry Hickey, Master NLP coach. We discussed, among other things, me losing weight. It should be easy. I’m a certified personal trainer. I know the theory and the practice. I also knew I had a mental trigger; I knew when and where it was formed; and I knew exactly what my thought process was in that moment. In other words, we had all the knowledge to solve this problem. We spent a good portion of our appointment on this issue and I came away feeling that the goal I set during the session was definitely attainable.

Here’s where things went badly. I got home. I thought about getting back into the gym. I found a great full-body workout plan. I read it over a few times. I book marked it in the magazine.

Did I take action?


I watched my food intake, reduced it slightly; did some garden cleanup; drank more water. That’s about it.

A week, Tuesday, after the session with Terry, I was down 8 lbs! I was impressed. I finally reached one of those nasty ‘threshold’ numbers that are so hard to cross. I was feeling quite chipper and proud of myself for getting such a great return on such little effort!

I should have caught on right there.

But I missed the clue.

Then Friday rolled around and, out of the blue, I’m flat on my back with zero energy, a nasty piercing headache behind the eyes and a sore throat. No warning. I spent the weekend in bed and on the couch, in the throws of the flu, eating very little and generally, having a ‘pity party’.

Another week, Tuesday, and I was down another 3 pounds. Not because I did my workout, but simply because I had no appetite and I lost weight due to evaporation from having a high fever and chills.

Thursday, I finally realized that YET AGAIN the universe had supplied the answer I had asked for. I had lost 11 pounds to date. That was over 30% of my goal – an excellent and expedient achievement! I do celebrate the accomplishment. And, I was mindful that YET AGAIN the result was not in the form I expected. YET AGAIN the result arrived in a more painful manner than necessary.

Like my father would say: “It’s a quick way to lose weight, but I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone.” This quote came after he lost 30 lbs from having surgery, where they sliced him stem to stern, removed his gallbladder, a big chunk of bowel, performed a colostomy and dealt with him having 3 heart attacks during the surgery.

Anyway, you think I’d learn! This is not a new lesson for me. It’s an oft-recurring lesson. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR. You’ll get it – just not in the form you were expecting. Be very specific in both the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of your request. Do not make requests lightly.

Naturally, like always, once I figured out what was going on – I made a decision. What a surprise! This is exactly what is required as a starting point.

Then, I put the first step into action. This is very important. There MUST be action toward a goal. The action may be in the form of a micro-baby step but it must be an action.

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