Beyond the comfort zone

Today, January 28, 2015 represented a HUGE step out of my comfort zone when I was interviewed by Doug Llewelyn of CUTVnews – “live” on

It was exciting and scary at the same time.

In the beginning, pesky thoughts of “I hope I sound intelligent” and “I wonder if that made sense” (and a few others) did cross my mind.

But, as the conversation with Doug continued, I felt more relaxed, at ease and ‘in the moment’. When you’re in the moment, the conversation flows and stress disappears. That’s a good place to be interviewed from 🙂

Now, that the interview’s over, I can say

  • Overall, I think it went pretty well
  • I’m happy that’s done
  • I’m sad it’s over … it was kinda fun
  • What a way to uplevel my business in one giant leap
  • It was recorded



What ‘out of your comfort zone’ item on your ‘to do’ list have you done to uplevel your business recently?

Please share your most recent business ‘out of comfort zone’ below …

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