In today’s post, we continue to delve deeper into the “F” in “FOCUS on integrity and value to create exponential business growth … no matter where you are right now.” “FOCUS” is an acronym where the “F” stands for “Familiarize yourself with the value of the service or product you offer” There are 3 crucial steps to familiarizing yourself with the value of your product or service. Last episode, we covered the first part of step 1: what is the financial and emotional return on investment (ROI) of the client choosing to work with you?

Today, we’ll cover the second part of step 1: What is the financial and emotional cost to the client of not making a change?

Over the next few posts, we’ll work our way through the entire acronym.

We’re discussing major leading-edge, expense-to-learn information here. This information cost me well into 5 figures to learn over the past few years. Why am I sharing it? Because I’ve seen how fantastically it works and I want you to have the opportunity to experience similar results. I would love to work with you to create magic in your business – this information gives you a small taste of the potential available should we choose to work together.

HINT: implement this as soon as possible. I can tell you – from experience — the results will be practically magical!

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On with today’s topic:

The easiest way to determine the financial and emotional cost to the client of not making a change is through interaction with the prospective client during your initial conversation with them.

You’ll need a piece of paper and a pen.

The idea is to show the prospective client, in a tangible way, how much it is costing them not to change – because, the odds are, they have no idea whatsoever since they’ve not likely ever delved as deep as you will within the next few minutes with them.

Behind-the-scenes, you are going to stir up their pain – just a little.
Then, you are going to offer a solution or some way of helping them resolve, stop or reduce that pain.


Here’s how it works.

Ask your potential client one place where they are experiencing difficulty/pain/problems in their business right now …

Draw a small circle in the centre of your page – like about 2” or more across and write their answer in the circle

Now ask them something along the lines of (use your own language here) …

How is that affecting you financially?

Draw another circle around the center about 2” further out – like a target

Let them answer and write (in point form) what they tell you within that area.

Ask “is there anything else

If there is, fill it in within the same layer


Then, ask (with breaks in between each question and you writing) …

How is that impacting/affecting/costing your relationship with your family?


Employees or business associates?

Draw another circle a little further out and fill in some of their answers there. Sometimes there are way too many answers and you can’t get them all! Get what you can…


Now, your going to draw one more circle in the target while you ask:

How does that affect your future – as in vacations, things you’d like to accomplish, dreams you have …

Write them down in the circle

If they only have a couple, ask either:

is there anything else?

Or, use one of their examples as a jumping off point and ask

If you were able take a vacation – how often would you go? How long would you go for? Where would you go? Who would you go with? (something along that line … you will need to be a little creative here)

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